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Welcome to Super Stake Roulette, a roulette based game show from StakeLogic. It launched in 2022, not long after StakeLogic’s Malta studio launch and their first tranche of live tables came online.

Most new entrants on the live dealer scene these days are eager to get a game show out there as soon as possible, knowing how popular the category is with players. Live roulette with random multipliers are a particularly safe bet.

Super Stake Roulette joins the likes of Lightning Roulette, Quantum RouletteMega Roulette and Ultimate Roulette as a roulette game with random multipliers added into the mix to spice things up a little.

StakeLogic have added their little twist on how the multipliers are worked into the game with the introduction of the Super Stake bet, giving players the option to buy more multipliers each round.

Super Stake Roulette is being offered at a growing range of well known live casinos including Unibet, Betvictor and Leo Vegas.

Super Stake Roulette

Key Features of Super Stake Roulette

  • You’re betting on the outcome of an auto launched single zero roulette wheel
  • Select from 2 play modes each round:
    – Super Stake enabled (50% bet stake fee): Both Golden Number and Silver Number multipliers are in play
    – Super Stake disabled (no fee): Only Silver Number multipliers are in play
  • Super Stake enabled is the default setting
  • Multipliers only apply to Straight Up bets
  • Silver Number multipliers can elevate payout by 50x to 750x
  • Golden Number multipliers can elevate payout by 100x to 1000x or trigger the money wheel bonus game with a max possible payout of 5000x
  • Straight Up bet payout in absence of multiplier is reduced (from standard 35:1) to 29:1
  • Payouts for all other bets are identical to regular roulette

Super Stake Roulette bets and payouts

Super Stake Roulette bets payouts

Bets offered are as per regular roulette, with a familiar roulette table bet selector or racetrack to make your selections. If you use the racetrack, remember neighbours selections largely comprise splits so most of your chips won’t be in the running to be multiplied.

Payouts for all bets other than Straight Up, mirror regular roulette payouts as shown left. The Straight Up win payout is altered to:

  • 29:1 for a non-multiplied win
  • up to 4999:1 or 5000x for a multiplied win.

Enabling Super Stake

There are 2 choices of playing mode:

  1. Super Stake enabled (default):
    With Super Stake enabled you get access to both gold and silver multiplier numbers and the chance to play the money wheel bonus game. But this costs you 50% of your total bet stake.
  2. Super Stake turned off:
    Here you only get the elevated payouts of the silver number multipliers and no shot at the bonus game.

Super Stake Roulette the Super Stake

Switching between modes can be done during betting time using the SUPERSTAKE button right of the chip selector.

Gold and Silver number multipliers

Each round after bets close:

  • 1-5 Silver Number multipliers are randomly selected. A 50x to 750x multiplier is applied to each.
    Silver number multipliers are common for all players, irrespective of whether Super Stake is activated or not.
  • 1-5 Golden Number multipliers are randomly selected. A 100x to 1000x multiplier or Money Wheel symbol is applied to each. You can only win a gold number multiplier (or participate in the money wheel game) with Super Stake enabled.

In the below example round 3 of each have been selected. The top payout is 500x for number 35. But only players with Super Stake enabled will win this payout should 35 hit.

Super Stake Roulette multipliers

Notice also a money wheel symbol for number 31. Should 31 hit, the Money Wheel bonus game will be triggered. Players with a chip on 31 and Super Stake enabled get to participate. Others just watch.

During the roulette spin, any multiplier numbers that you have a chip on are indicated accordingly. Here I was in the running to win a 500x payout had 35 resulted. Sadly it didn’t.

Super Stake Roulette spin

Super Stake Money Wheel Bonus Game

Had 31 hit, the money wheel bonus game would have been triggered. This game sees the presenter manually spin a big wheel to determine a multiplier.

The wheel comprises 54 segments each awarding a different payout.  50x and 100x segments dominate (33 out of 54). The top payout on the wheel, and for the entire game is the single 5000x segment shown boldly in red.

Super Stake Roulette Money Wheel game

Theoretical Return

Super Stake Roulette’s published theoretical return (or RTP) is 97.3%.

This is the return applying to all bets other than Straight Up, which are identical to regular European Roulette (hence the same RTP).

Unfortunately the RTP on Straight Up bets (either mode, Super Stake enabled or not) is not provided. It is highly likely that the RTP for these bets would be lower.

Our thoughts on Super Stake Roulette

Props to StakeLogic on delivering their first live game show very well. The set is lively enough without being garish and the playing interface slick and intuitive. There’s none of the tell tale clunkiness of a new and inexperienced provider.

Super Stake Logic holds its own among the growing list of live roulette multiplier games and provides enough of a point of differentiation with the Super Stake bet to keep players coming back.

On the negative side of things, they should publish the RTP rate on Straight Up bets – preferably for both play modes. After all, this is what the game is all about.

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