Here are all currently available roulette based live games (game shows). Click on the game for a summary of what it’s about, where to play details, and a link to the full game review.

Based on Roulette, but not Roulette

All of these games have one thing in common. They contain a traditional roulette wheel that plays a big part in the games’ outcome. In most cases you begin the game as you would a round at a traditional live European or French Roulette table – placing your chips on the table (bet map) or using the racetrack bet selector.

But all of these games also include significant departures from regular roulette rules.

As such, you will typically find them listed in live casino lobbies under the Live Game Show category.

Rule differences? What rule differences?

The most common departure from regular roulette rules across these games is the addition or random multipliers.

Straight up bet multipliers

Most of the above games apply random multipliers to straight up bets. This works simply as follows:

  • after bets close, a selection of roulette numbers are chosen (usually up to 5)
  • to these numbers, random multipliers are applied (eg 50x, 200x, 1000x…)
  • these become the new straight up winning bet payout for that number
  • but winning straight up bets in the absence of a multiplier pay less than the regular 35:1
  • payouts for all other bets (eg all outside bets) are as per regular roulette.
multipliers overview

Succinct explanation of multipliers on XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

This is your common, garden variety roulette game show.

Possible multiplier amounts, number of multipliers chosen and base payout amount for straight up bets vary. But if you want to want a shot at the big payouts, it’s all about the straight up bets.

Games applying random multipliers to straight up bets include:

Multipliers applied more broadly

There are a couple of roulette based games that apply the random multipliers a little more broadly. That is, not only to the straight up bets. One that does this very simply is:

  • Super Spin Roulette: Winning Split, Street, Corner, Line bets are also upsized (proportionally) if they include a number that has a multiplier randomly applied.

Multiple wheels or multiple balls

Throw in additional wheels or balls and you can really change things up. This is the idea with:

  • Double Ball Roulette: 2 balls are auto launched into the one wheel, allowing for all sorts of different bet options and payouts. This was one of the internet’s first live game show.
  • Nexus Roulette: 4 wheels in play. The more matched outcomes the bigger your payout.
  • Jet Set Racing Roulette: 2 wheels, simulated races and random multipliers. This one’s got a bit of everything.

And then there’s Gold Bar Roulette

Evolution’s Gold Bar Roulette is something else again. Certainly the most elaborate set design for any roulette based game show. But also something quite different in terms of how and what you win.

In a nutshell, straight up bet wins see you accumulate gold bars (in addition cash winnings). Those gold bars may then bet bet on future game rounds.

Gold Bar Roulette was a rare miss for Evolution, not proving popular with the players. It has been pulled, with a tweaked version in development.

A note on theoretical returns

Providers are now in the habit of always publishing the theoretical returns apply to their games, which is a good thing. You will normally find the RTP rate at the bottom of the game rules.

For most of the above games, you’ll see an RTP of 97.30%. The same as traditional European Roulette. It’s the same because in many cases, the game will offer identical bets to those offered in European Roulette.

For example, all the games which apply random multipliers to (only) straight up bets, offer regular European Roulette payouts for all other bets. And it’s these bets to which the 97.30% RTP applies.

The RTP on the modified payout bet is sometimes disclosed, and invariably less than 97.30%. Where it is not disclosed, it is safe to assume it is less than 97.30%.

One notable exception to the above rule is Pragmatic Play’s Lucky 6 Roulette which has a RTP of 97.49% for straight up bets (to which multipliers apply).