Jet Set Racing Roulette Live

Jet Set Racing Roulette is Playtech’s first live game show release for 2023.

It comes with a presenter, two roulette wheels (single zero) and two simulated races each bet round.

When you start playing Jet Set Racing Roulette it can seem a little complicated. There is quite a bit going on. Multiple wheels, bets that are split across 2 betting maps, random choice of simulated race type, for which you then have to pick a winner and runner-up, and only then are balls launched on both wheels to get a final result.

But in essence, the game is a very simple one. The wheels determine whether or not your bet choice(s) win.  The races determine whether a multiple is  applied to the base payouts.

Pretty much everything you need to know is summarised by the below step by step guide, presented when you first open the game.

Step by step guide to playing Jet Set Racing Roulette

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Step 2...

Step 3...

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Playing Jet Set Racing Roulette

During betting time you’re presented with a single bet map/table, complete with racetrack bet selector.

Jet Set Racing Roulette placebets

You place your bets as you would playing regular live roulette. Once bets close, these bets are divided equally across 2 bet maps – orange and teal, corresponding with the orange and teal wheels.

Jet Set Racing Roulette pickwinners

If your bet was $10 on zero, it becomes $5 on zero on the orange wheel and $5 on zero on the teal wheel. This has no impact on theoretical return. Bets are halved. Chances are doubled.

Jet Set Racing Roulette race

Shortly after your bets divide, the race type is randomly chosen…horses, trots or motorbikes. There are 2 races in quick succession and you are asked to pick a winner and runner-up in both (if you don’t your selections are made for you).

One race will determine whether (and how big) a multiplier is applied to your winning bets on the orange wheel;  the other the teal wheel.

Once multipliers (if any) have been determined, the balls are launched manually by the presenter. Orange first then teal.

Jet Set Racing Roulette spins

Any wins from either wheel are then summed for the final result.

Jet Set Racing Roulette result

Key takeaways:

  1. If you want a crack at the multipliers generated by your picks in the simulated races, then you must bet inside – Straight-up, Split, Street, Corner, Line
  2. Because these bets give you a chance at multiplied payouts, their base payout is reduced from regular roulette (eg Straight-up pays 23:1 versus the regular 35:1)
  3. Outside bets offer the same payout as regular roulette. The races are irrelevant.
  4. Bet rounds are not quick playing this game.


Inside bets have reduced base payouts, with the possibility of big multiples depending on the races. Outside bet payouts are as per regular roulette.

Theoretical returns

Playtech cheekily only publish a single RTP rate for this game: 97.3%. Same as regular European roulette.

This of course would apply to outside bets which are offer identical payouts and win chances (albeit split evenly between 2 wheels) as regular roulette.

What they do not do, is provide the RTP applying to the modified inside bets. I would bet my left testicle the RTP rates on these is substantially lower.

Jet Set Roulette Video

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