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Cash Collect Roulette is another roulette based game show from Playtech.

The common format with these types of games is having random multipliers assigned to lucky numbers each round. Hit one of the lucky numbers and the multiplier boosts the win payout, usually for Straight Up bets only.

With Cash Collect Roulette it’s all about bonus games. A lucky number hit results in a bonus game which then determines the payout. All inside bets are eligible.

Cash Collect Roulette is taking bets at a bunch of casinos carrying Playtech live games including bet365888 and Dafabet.

Cash Collect Roulette Quick Summary

  • Played with a standard European Roulette with the ball launched manually by a live dealer
  • Bet Inside or Outside by placing chips on table or racetrack as per regular European Roulette
    Note: only Inside bets are eligible for the bonus games
  • After bets close, 1 to 5 Lucky Numbers are selected, and assigned either of 3 possible bonus games:
    Diamond bonus game (Diamond symbol)
    Cash Collect bonus game (Spin Coin symbol)
    Coin Power UP bonus game (Multiplier Coin symbol)
  • If the spin result is not a lucky number, payouts for winning bets are as per pay table
    Note: for Inside bets, payouts are reduced from regular roulette (eg 29:1 for Straight Up win)
  • If the spin results in a lucky number, the bonus game attributed to that lucky number begins and players with a bet covering that number have the bet carried to the bonus game.

Cash Collect Roulette Lucky Numbers

After bets close, between 1 and 5 Lucky Numbers are chosen all on the roulette wheel. Each of those numbers is randomly assigned one of the bonus game symbols.

In the below example, 23 will trigger a Coin Power Up bonus game, 28 a Diamond bonus game, and 30 a Cash Collect bonus game.

Cash Collect Roulette lucky numbers

A couple of points to note about the Lucky Numbers and bonus games:

  1. (very) occasionally a round will be designated as a special event round, of which 2 are possible:
    Cash Collect Boost where 12 or 13 Lucky Numbers are selected, or
    – Cash Collect Blast where 18 or 19 Lucky Numbers are selected
    Didn’t see one of these during a 2 hour play session.
  2. Diamond symbols are also rare, popping up 2 or 3 times per hour.
  3. Only Inside bets, namely Straight UpSplit, Street, Corner/Basket or Line covering the Lucky Number are eligible for the bonus games. Any bet placed using the racetrack will be eligible.
    Check our roulette tutorial for a refresher on these bets.

Cash Collect Roulette Bonus Games

Cash Collect Roulette bonus games

It’s probably not necessary to completely understand the ins and outs of each of the bonus games. For those who do, the game’s house rules has a full explanation.

What is important to know is:

  • Each game will come up with a final multiplier value.
  • Outcomes for each game are entirely RNG (computer generated).
  • Players winning through to the bonus games have no decisions to make. It’s simply a matter of waiting to see what your payout will be.
  • The multiplier will be applied to the proportion of your bet that sits on the lucky number.
    eg, 100% for a Straight Up bet, 50% for a Split, 25% for Corner etc.

Coin Power Up Bonus Game

When Coin Power Up lucky numbers are selected, they are also assigned a multiplier value – x30, x40, x50 or x75. If the bonus game is triggered, a single reel slot is spun to see if that multiplier will be applied once, twice or 3 times to the bet.

Top multiplier from this game is therefore x225 (x75 coin applied 3 times).

coin power up bonus game

Coin Power Up bonus game, resulting in lowest possible multiplier

Cash Collect Bonus Game

The Cash Collect Bonus Game is a slightly more complicated affair. It also takes longer to play out. When complete, it’ll award participating players a payout up to a maximum of 2999:1.

cash collect bonus game

Cash Collect bonus game in progress

Diamond Bonus Game

Win through to the Diamond Bonus game and you’ll be presented with a single reel that will spin and result in either a Minor x50, Major x200 or Grand x500 payout.

Cash Collect Roulette Payouts

Here is the complete payout table.

Bet Payout Diamond
Bonus Game
Coin Power Up
Bonus Game
Cash Collect
Bonus Game
European Roulette
Straight Up 29:1 up to 499:1 up to 224:1 up to 2999:1 35:1
Split 14:1 up to 249:1 up to 111.5:1 up to 1499:1 17:1
Street 9:1 up to 166:1 up to 74:1 up to 999:1 11:1
Corner 6.5:1 up to 124:1 up to 55:1 up to 749:1 8:1
Line 4:1 up to 82:1 up to 36.5:1 up to 499:1 5:1
Column 2:1 n/a n/a n/a 2:1
Dozen 2:1 n/a n/a n/a 2:1
Red/Black 1:1 n/a n/a n/a 1:1
Odd/Even 1:1 n/a n/a n/a 1:1
1-18/19-36 1:1 n/a n/a n/a 1:1

One key takeaway: Inside bet payouts (with no bonus game) are lower than the equivalent bet on a European Roulette table.

Cash Collect Roulette RTP

Playtech tell us the RTP for this game is 97.30%. We know is this the RTP for the outside bets, as payouts are as per European Roulette.

What we don’t know, is whether the 97.30% RTP also applied to inside bets. Fair to assume it doesn’t. Which is to say, inside bets return less.

What do we think of Cash Collect Roulette?

On the plus side:

  • the game’s well presented,
  • the bonus games are relatively quick and don’t drag on, and
  • all inside bets get a piece of the bonus game action (rather than only Straight Up bets which is common)

On the negative side:

  • we do not know the RTP applying to inside bets, which are the game’s main bet.



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