Ezugi Sic Bo and Ultimate Sic Bo

Ezugi have a big selection of live games and add to this selection on a regular basis.

Somewhere along the line they added not one, but two live Sic Bo tables. Regular Sic Bo as well as a version with random payout multipliers. They call their multiplier version Ultimate Sic Bo.

In terms of look and feel the tables are practically identical. Taking a look at a few screen grabs of both tables below, this becomes pretty self evident.

Ezugi Sic Bo

Let’s look at the regular Sic Bo table first.

Ezugi sicbo placebets

Bets and payouts are clearly set out on the bet board presented in the foreground of the table. As you mouseover the board it also enlarges so that payouts are unmistakable.

On this table, as on all regular Sicbo tables, payouts are fixed for all outcomes.

Ezugi sicbo bets

For those new to Sicbo, the premise of the game is very simple. Think roulette but with outcomes generated from the roll of 3 dice rather than a wheel and ball. Odds are presented on a bunch of different outcome combinations.

Ezugi sicbo roll

Once bets close, a rumble box shakes up the dice until they come to rest, revealing the result.

Ezugi sicbo result

Ezugi Ultimate Sic Bo

This is what the Ultimate Sic Bo table looks like. Pretty similar right?

Ezugi ultimate sicbo placebets

And it plays pretty much the same as well. You place your chips on your chosen combinations, and after bets close the dice start to rumble around.

Ezugi ultimate sicbo shake

But on this table, something else happens after bets close. Random multipliers (up to 1000x) are assigned to a bunch of bet outcomes. Which bets, and how many are selected is also random. These become the new payouts that will apply to that winning bet.

Random multiplier games are very popular these days. They effectively add another layer of chance. Added to the chance of whether your bet wins, is the chance of whether the payout for that bet will be multiplied before the bet wins.

In the example presented below, a winning bet on ‘Triple 1s’ now pays 888x rather than the prescribed 150:1.

Ezugi ultimate sicbo multipliers

The result comes up and winning bets are paid. Here’s a small win on ‘Small’.

Ezugi ultimate sicbo result

Regular Sic Bo payouts versus Ultimate Sic Bo payouts

Left is the complete pay table for Regular Sic Bo. Payouts are fixed for each bet combination.

Right is the corresponding pay table for Ultimate Sicbo. Payouts are quoted as a range: Payout (in the absence of a multiplier) and Max Payout (top possible multiplier).

Ezugi sicbo bets+payouts

Comparing the ‘Payout’ columns you can see that for certain bets (Double, Triple, few Totals) Ultimate Sic Bo pays less. This is how the game manages to pay big multipliers and still preserve its house edge.

One hand giveth, the other taketh away.


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