Extreme Live Gaming have ceased operations. These tables are no longer available.

Look & Feel

House rules & RTP

Extreme Live Gaming offer 2 distinct rules baccarat rule sets, standard Punto Banco baccarat and Super 6 Baccarat. You can play either from the same table (ie identical dealer/deal/table). Depending on which you choose, different bet options and payouts are presented on the game UI.

For both, standard card values, and 3rd card rules apply.

Standard Baccarat

  • Main game:
    Banker bet pays: 0.95 to 1
    Player bet pays: 1 to 1
    Tie bet pays: 8 to 1
  • Optional Pairs bets are also offered (Big/Small/Pairs)
  • Theoretical optimal return to player rate:
    Banker bet: 98.94%
    Player bet: 98.76%
    Tie bet: 85.64%

Super 6 Baccaarat

  • Main game:
    Banker bet for Banker win value 6 pays: 0.5 to 1
    Banker bet for all Banker win value other than 6 pays: 1 to 1
    Player bet pays: 1 to 1
    Tie bet pays: 8 to 1
    Super 6 bet pays: 12 to 1
  • Optional Pairs bets are also offered (Big/Small/Pairs)


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