NetEnt offer a reasonably small, but growing range of blackjack tables all streamed from their dealer studio in Malta. The range expanded considerably with the launch of their revamped studio.

For some time they only offered a ‘1 to many’ table that they name Common Draw Blackjack. This has now been replaced by Blitz Blackjack (also 1 to many).

They now also have a reasonable range of 7 seat tables for players to choose from. Now all dealt from an 8 deck, manually shuffled shoe.

NetEnt’s old live blackjack tables differed from the live blackjack norm, with the use of a shuffle machines containing 6 decks. These are now gone (thankfully).

Lazy blackjack players who don’t want to be burdened with making decisions can try Perfect Blackjack. On this table, you place your bet and the dealer does the rest, making perfect basic strategy decisions for the player positions.

Other key aspects of Netent’s live blackjack are set out below.

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Look & Feel

House rules & RTP

VIP tables and look and feel aside, you essentially have 2 types of Net Entertainment blackjack table to play – classic 7 seat tables, and their ‘one to many’ deal variation they call Blitz Blackjack.

There is also a novelty Perfect Blackjack table (not really blackjack) touched on below.

Classic 7 seat blackjack tables

On NetEnt’s new 7 seat blackjack tables the shuffle machine containing 6 decks is gone, and all shoes now contain 8 decks. The common policy of manually re-shuffling mid shoe is also now employed.

Here are the key house rules…

  • Dealt from 8 decks.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2
  • Dealer stand all 17s
  • You can double after split
  • You can double any 2 cards
  • You can’t hit split Aces (ie you will can only draw 1 card to split Aces)
  • You can’t re-split (ie split a split hand)
  • Insurance is offered

Theoretical return to player rate (assuming optimal play): 99.5%


Blitz Blackjack

Blitz Blackjack replaces the old Common Draw Blackjack table. As with the 7 seat tables, the 6 deck Shufflemaster has been replaced by an 8 deck shoe. Aside from this, it is the same game (slightly better presented than Common Draw Blackjack).

On the Blitz Blackjack table, all participating players play the single deal.

Cards are allocated to you specifically, based on your play decisions (and clearly displayed as virtual cards on your UI…something the old game lacked).

NetEnt actually do the best job of explaining this concept in their house rules of any provider offering this type of blackjack…

“…all players at the table play the game from a common set of cards placed on the table. This common set of cards is called the card stream

If you decide to hit, double, or split, the next card or cards dealt into the stream are counted toward those decisions.

If you decide to stand, or your hand busts, cards may continue to be dealt into the card stream as other players at the table have not yet completed their hands.”

It’s worth noting that despite the different deal convention, the game theoretical RTP for optimum play is identical to the 7 seat tables…99.5%.


Perfect Blackjack

This one’s definitely not for the purists.

On the Perfect Blackjack table, once you’ve placed your chips on the table (you can play up to 3 positions), there is nothing left to do other than see if you win or lose.

The dealer completes the deal to all player positions employing perfect basic strategy. You do nothing.

House rules are as per the 7 seat tables.

You can read more about Perfect Blackjack here.

Sample game recording

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