Bet On Dragon Tiger from Playtech

Playtech have launched the latest in their ‘Bet On’ live game range, with Bet on Dragon Tiger now taking bets.

It joins Bet On Poker and Bet On Baccarat in this new game category.

So what’s it all about?

Take a simple Dragon Tiger deal (and we know how simple these are…basically high card wins, Aces are low), and offer a bunch of bets on the result.

Bet on Dragon Tiger place bets

Rather than placing your chips on the Dragon, Tiger or Tie positions, you choose your bets from a panel bottom left of the game window.

Bet on Dragon Tiger-win

You can take just a single bet, as above with a Tiger win.

Beton Dragon Tiger betslip

Or fill your bet slip with a bunch of bets. All bets are recorded on your Bet slip bottom right of the game window.

Bets and Payouts

bet on dragon tiger bets

You can fill your bet slip with a bunch of bets that will be decided by the Dragon Tiger deal. Dragon, Tiger and Tie we’re familiar with…you can take these bets in the normal game of Dragon Tiger.

However, in the normal game of Dragon Tiger, payouts for these bets are fixed and do not change. In this game, the payouts can change as the deal moves through the shoe.

There are also a bunch of other bets you can take, described below. You may also notice the payouts for these moving slightly as the deal progresses through the shoe.

  • Dragon: High card to Dragon (Ace is low)
  • Tiger: High card to Tiger (Ace is low)
  • Tie: Dragon, Tiger Tie
  • Dragon/Tiger Odd: A, 3, 5, 9, J, K dealt to position
  • Dragon/Tiger Even: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q dealt to position
  • Dragon/Tiger Big: 8 or higher dealt to position
  • Dragon/Tiger Small: 6 or lower dealt to position.

Full House Rules

….may be read here.

Return to Player

Bet on Dragon Tiger has a theoretical return of 95.25% to 96%. Not great.

But the game on which is is based (Playtech’s Dragon Tiger) only returns 96.27% for the Dragon or Tiger bets. Neither are games for players wishing to stretch their gambling dollar.

Some Bet On Dragon Tiger video action

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