At the completion of 2019, the Evolution Gaming live roulette portfolio comprised:

  • studio tables from 6 major dealer studios in Latvia, Malta, Romania, Georgia, Canada and Atlantic City USA;
  • Dual-Play (in-casino) tables live streamed from the floors of no fewer than 10 bricks and mortar casinos across England, Malta, Georgia, Romania and the United States;
  • encompassing European, French and American Roulette table/wheel formats;
  • including a vast array of different looks to appeal to personal aesthetic tastes, and
  • also offering some novelty tables such as Lightning and Double Ball Roulette

Despite the size, and varied location or their enormous roulette table range, you will find a completely uniform playing interface, and impressive video capture tolerant to reasonable connection speeds.

More details on Evolution’s live roulette including table look and feel, house rules and theoretical returns, and user interface features are set out below.

For a summary of other tables offered by all providers, visit our live roulette page.

Look & Feel

House rules & RTP

There are a myriad of roulette table choices offered by Evolution Gaming (and partner casinos). Studio tables; in-casino tables; immersive roulette with multiple camera angles and slow motion replays; Speed Roulette for players who want to get on with it; VIP limit tables; exclusive/private casino-branded tables; tables with dealers chatting in local languages.

But in terms of house rules there are really only three different games offered:

  1. European Roulette
    Classic (single zero) European Roulette tables with standard bets and payouts applying.
  2. French Roulette
    Table layout is slightly different, but essentially the same bets and payouts are offered, with one crucial exception…the rule of La Partage. La Partage dictates that you lose only half of your bet, not all of it, if you place even money (outside) bets and the ball lands on zero. Hence the slightly better RTP rate for Evolution’s French tables.
  3. American Roulette
    Consistent with standard American Roulette, Evolution’s American Roulette includes the (00) pocket on the wheel, and a corresponding bet position on the table. That’s an additional possible spin outcome (38 versus 37) compared with European and French tables, and identical payouts; making for inferior theoretical returns for all possible bets.

Theoretical return to player rates:

  • European Roulette (En Prison rule doesn’t apply): 97.30%
  • French Roulette (taking even money, outside bets): 98.65%
  • American Roulette: 94.74%


Sample game recording

Our picks for where to play, and why

If you’re looking for:

Way back when…

This is what Evolution Gaming live roulette tables looked like back in 2009.

Novelty roulette options

Not for the purists…

Double Ball Roulette sees 2 balls launched into the wheel rather than 1. For inside bets you are betting on either ball landing on your chosen number. For outside bets, you are betting on both balls landing on your chosen bet area.

Lightning Roulette sees the random selection of Lightning numbers each round (up to 5…but most commonly 2 or 3), to which enhanced straight-up bet payouts (up to 500:1) are applied. Straight up bets not selected as Lightning numbers pay a reduced 29:1.