Introducing Evolution’s new American Roulette table

Evolution's American Roulette

There’s a new live roulette table now available for play at select Evolution Gaming casinos.

It’s an American Roulette table, complete with that pesky 00 pocket that gives the casino a slightly better chance of separating you from your hard earned cash than the European and French tables. More on that below.

Evolution’s American Roulette launched yesterday at a handful of casinos including Leo VegasMr GreenUnibet and William Hill. This list will no doubt grow in coming weeks.

The table is presented with all the style and panache we’ve come to expect from Evolution Gaming. Action is captured in HD, widescreen format using multiple cameras, and the playing interface is uncluttered, feature rich and intuitive.

No seat for the live dealer at the new American Roulette table…

One of the first ’00’ outcomes at the Evolution Gaming studios…


What is American Roulette?

The difference between American and European roulette can be explained entirely by comparing the 2 wheels used on either table. Left is a European Roulette wheel. Right is an American Roulette wheel.

There are 2 differences:

  1. the number order around the wheel
    (not really an important difference…just be aware of it if you bet Neighbors)
  2. the American Roulette wheel has 1 extra pocket…00
    (this is a really important difference)

That’s pretty much it.

Bets offered are the same (straight up, corner, odd/even, red/black etc) and the payouts corresponding to those bets are identical to the European and French Roulette games.

Identical bet payouts, combined with an extra possible outcome (38 rather than 37) results substantially lower theoretical returns for American Roulette (94.74%) versus European (97.30%) or French tables (98.65% for even money bets).

Just remember this when you’re browsing the live casino lobby and deciding which table to play. Evolution’s American Roulette is a very well presented table for sure, but at the end of the day, it is American Roulette. A couple of expressions spring to mind here. Polishing a turd is one. Putting lipstick on a pig is another.

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