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Football Studio Dice placebets

With just over a week to World Cup kickoff, Evolution have launched Football Studio Dice.

It’s a super simple game. Pick Home, Away or Draw, with dice dictating the respective team scores. No skill and therefore thought involved, leaving your brain free to debate all things football with the presenter (who has little else to do).

Evolution devotees will be aware that this is their second Football Studio game. The original Football Studio is still operating – a few tables actually: generic and a casino branded/exclusive. In fact one just launched over in the US for New Jersey players. This original version uses playing cards to determine the outcome (single card to Home and Away).

Playing Football Studio Dice

Place your chip(s) on Home, Draw and/or Away to be in the game.

Once bets close all dice shakers (2 for Home and 2 for Away) start rumbling.

The top 2 shakers (1 Home and 1 Away) come to rest first. This is the first half score.

Football Studio Dice 1sthalf

Then the bottom 2 shakers come to rest revealing the second half score…

Football Studio Dice 2ndhalf

and thus the full time outcome. In the picture example a 10-9 win to Home and an even money payout to all punters who picked correctly.

Football Studio Dice homwwin


As already mentioned, Home or Away wins pay even money. This does beg the question, given this is a 1:1 payout for a 50/50 probability event have we found our elusive zero house edge bet?

football studio dice payouts

Of course not. The house edge is hidden in the 80% returned Home or Away bet in the case of a Draw (example below). If these bets pushed (were fully returned) then there would be no house edge.

Football Studio Dice draw

If you correctly pick the Draw you get a 7:1 payout, except for a 12 to 12 draw which pays 79:1.

Theoretical Returns

Despite the juicy payouts on the Draws, you’re better off sticking to the Home or Away bets. Theoretical return to player rates for all bets are:

  • Home: 97.75%
  • Away: 97.75%
  • Draw:  95.68%
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