Playtech Casino Stud Poker

Playtech’s Casino Stud Poker table was introduced in July 2019.

It is essentially the same game as Evolution’s Caribbean Stud Poker which has been around since 2015.

Rules & RTP

Rules summary

Like all live poker games listed on this site, Casino Stud Poker is a house poker game. It’s you versus the dealer, not other players.

The game is based on Caribbean Stud poker, with the aim of the game being to beat the dealer’s 5 card poker hand.

To begin…

An Ante bet gets you in the main game. Once an Ante is placed, you can also take the optional 5+1 or Jackpot side bets (more on these below).

5 cards are then dealt face up to the players’ position, and 5 cards (1 face up, 4 face down) to the dealer’s position.

At this point you have the option to Fold your hand and forfeit your Ante, or Call in which case an automatic Call bet equal to 2x your Ante is placed.

The dealer’s cards are revealed, and hands are compared using normal poker hand ranks to determine the winning hand.

Win condition and payouts

Playtech Casino Stud Poker player win

The dealer qualifies with a hand of Ace & King or better.

If the dealer hand does not qualify…

  • players win even money on the Ante bet and Call bet is returned

If the dealer hand does qualify…

Then hands are compared using normal poker hand ranks to determine the winner, and

  • if dealer hand wins, then Ante and Call bets are lost
  • if player hand wins, then players win even money on their Ante bet, and a payout on the Call bet depending on the quality of the player hand, as per the below table.

Main game (Call bet) pay table

Casino Stud mainbet payout

5+1 side bet

The 5+1 side bet, is a bet on the quality of the poker hand resulting from the best 5 cards including the players’ 5, and the dealer’s 1 face up card.

Your 5+1 side bet remains in play even if you Fold your Ante. Payouts are as follows:

5+1 side bet pay table

CasinoStud 51bet payout

Jackpot side bet

There is also a jackpot side bet. It is a fixed 1 unit bet, and it pays out baed on the quality of the player hand. Top prize is a share of a progressive jackpot in the case of a Royal Flush (shared by all players who placed the side bet at the time).

Other prizes are set out below.

Jackpot side bet pay table

CasinoStud jackpot bet payout

Theoretical Return to Player

  • 98.18% for the Main game (Ante, Call, played optimally).
  • 91.44% for the 5+1 side bet
  • 81.84% for the Jackpot side bet


Sample game recording

Where to play

At launch, Casino Stud Poker was available to play exclusively at bet365 live casino.