Evolution’s live baccarat offering is vast.

At any given time the Evolution lobby will display more than 50 live baccarat tables to choose from. For larger casinos with private table areas the number is bigger still.

Sheer weight of baccarat table numbers sets Evolution apart from other providers. But they’re not just big on numbers. There’s a lot of variety there also. There’s variety with regards to…

  • Payout structure: Punto Banco or No Commission payouts
  • Deal speed: Normal deal or Speed deal
  • Deal type: Normal, Squeeze (dealer controlled), Controlled Squeeze (player controlled)
  • Studio aesthetic: myriad of different looks with tables streamed from studios in Riga (Latvia), Tbilisi (Georgia), Bucharest (Romania), Malta, and North American studios for players the US and Canada
  • Dealer language: In addition to English, dealer speaking Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi…
  • Table limits: low limit tables, up to Salon Privé VIP tables

Smart baccarat lobby

To help players navigate this massive range of tables, they also provide a smart lobby with one click filter capability. So if it’s No Commission tables with a speed deal you’re looking for, they can be presented at the click of a button.

Evolution baccarat smart lobby

Players that like to hunt road map trends can easily view all tables with hot roads at any given time. This changes dynamically as the deals across the 50+ tables progresses.

Evolution baccarat hot roads

At this point it should be noted that within the Evolution baccarat lobby you will also find tables with random multipliers and other significant rules tweaks applied. Examples include:

These are discussed on our baccarat based live games page; not on this page.

Look & Feel

House rules & RTP

There are 2 payout structures offered across Evolution’s baccarat table range, distinguished by the titles: Baccarat or No Commission Baccarat. All are dealt from a manually shuffled 8 deck shoe.


Classic Punto Banco baccarat payouts apply on these tables.

  • For the main game, standard  bets, card values, third card rules and payouts apply:
    Banker bet pays: 0.95:1
    Player bet pays: 1:1
    Tie bet pays: 8:1
  • Optional Pairs bets are also offered, as described on the house rules link (but not recommended)
    Player/Banker pair: 11:1
    Perfect (suited) pairs: 25:1 (one), 200:1 (both)
  • Theoretical optimal return to player rate:
    Banker bet: 98.94%

You can play this payout structure across a variety of table aesthetic, dealer language and deal types…

No Commission Baccarat

Slightly different payouts on these tables.

  • Payouts on the main game:
    Banker bet pays: 1:1, unless Banker win value 6, then 0.5:1
    Player bet pays: 1:1
    Tie bet pays: 8:1
  • Optional side bets:
    – Super 6: bet on Banker win value 6, pays 15:1
    – Pairs
     side bets also offered, as above
  • Theoretical optimal return to player rate:
    For No Commission Baccarat, the highest returning bet is the Player bet, with a theoretical return of 98.76%.

Again you have a wide variety of table aesthetic and deal types to choose from, for example:

  • No Commission Baccarat A, B, C…
  • No Commission Speed Baccarat A, B, C…


Sample game recordings

Speed Baccarat…

No Commission Baccarat…

Squeeze Baccarat…

Controlled Squeeze Baccarat…

Our picks for where to play, and why

Given live baccarat involves no decision making from players after placing their bets, a table can serve a theoretically unlimited number of players. Seat availability (and therefore number of tables offered by a casino) is not really an important consideration vis-à-vis casino choice. What’s more, casinos carrying Evolution’s baccarat tables tend to carry ALL of Evolution’s generic gold baccarat tables.

House rules on these tables are identical across all casinos, with the exceptions of Grosvenor casinos (UK players accepted only) which offer an elevated (9:1) payout on Tie bets. Before getting too excited about this, a Tie bet paying 9 to 1 is still significantly inferior (in terms of RTP) to the Banker bet so this shouldn’t really be the fact driving your choice.

Grosvenor also offer live baccarat from the Victoria Casino in London…the first of Evolution’s Dual Play Baccarat series.

Really, the key difference in live baccarat tables from one Evolution Gaming casino to the next, is table limits. To this end, consult our table limits page to help make your choice.

Way back when…

This is what Evolution Gaming live baccarat tables looked like back in 2009.