Egalite side bets and no commission baccarat tables for Playtech

Playtech have snuck in a couple of rather significant changes to their live baccarat table lineup – changes picked up in haste by Fester and noted in his New baccarat features at Playtech thread in the forums.

The changes aren’t bad; just a few some more side bet options across all tables, and new No Commission Baccarat tables which do away with the vigorish/commission on the Banker payout (of course the house does take it’s edge elsewhere…more on this below).

The new side bets: Egalite

There is now a new side bet option that has been added across all generic tables in both the Euro and Asian studios.

Here you are betting on the specific value of a Tie. You can make this bet whether or not you have placed a main bet, and you can place as many Egalite bets as you wish…ie, Tie value 3, Tie value 4, Tie value 5 & Tie value 8.

Payouts are high, corresponding to the very low odds of picking the exact value of a tie, and are set out below.


It’s hard to miss the new ‘Egalite’ bet area which now sweeps right across all Playtech baccarat tables with numbers 0 to 9…

In the Euro (Latvia) studio…


Including some private casino tables…eg bet365


In the Asian (Manila) studio…


Including the Emperor room tables…


No Commission Baccarat tables

If you play at bet365 or William Hill (Playtech powered Casino Club) you may have noticed  a new category in the live baccarat lobby named No Commission. Open one of these tables and you won’t see a visible difference to any of the other tables. Indeed you will be playing the same dealer and table as if you opened a standard table. The difference here is all to do with the Banker bet payout.

Instead of the standard 0.95:1, you get paid 1:1 on Banker wins (ie no house vigorish, the No Commission part, yeah).

But, if the Banker wins with a score of 6, the payout drops to 0.5:1 (there’s the commission dressed slightly differently).

Presumably the  No Commission baccarat tables will be made available at other Playtech live casinos shortly.


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