Pragmatic Play Andar Bahar

There’s another live Andar Bahar table, thanks to Pragmatic Play.

It’s up and running right now at 888 live casino. If the chat window is anything to go by, it’s already being enjoyed by Indian players with lads from Kolcutta and Mumbai onboard as I was playing.

Look and feel aside, this game is identical in all respects to Playtech’s Andar Bahar table which launched just over a month ago. Rehashing the rules and ‘how to’ of Andar Bahar seems a little like playing the same record again. Newbies wanting to understand a little more about how to play Andar Bahar, should perhaps read the more detailed review of Playtech’s version.

Pragmatic’s new Andar Bahar table. After the main card is dealt bets open…

Pragmatic Play Andar Bahar

Andar or Bahar are your main bets. Here you are betting which position will first be dealt the same value card as the main card.

Suit doesn’t matter, as demonstrated by the 8 producing an Andar win with an 8 main card.

Pragmatic Andar Bahar

Payouts for these bets (and indeed all the side bets, summarised below) are identical to Playtech’s version, and clearly marked on the respective betting positions…

  • Andar: 0.9 to 1
  • Bahar 1 to1

Pragmatic Andar Bahar payouts

The three optional side bets are:

  1. 1st Andar / 1st Bahar – ie a match on first card dealt
  2. First 3
    This is a bet on the composition of main card and first card to Andar and Bahar positions (ie first 3 cards on the table)…
    – Straight Flush pays 120:
    – Straight pays 8:1
    – Flush pays 5:1
  3. Number of cards it takes to produce match – again payouts clearly marked on your bet positions.

Pragmatic Andar Bahar sidebets

Theoretical returns mirror those of the Playtech’s version. No surprises here.

For the main game returns:

  • for Andar: 97.85%
  • for Bahar: 97%

The optimal playing strategy bet on this table is actually a side bet, with the he 16-25 cards bet returning 98.1%

If Andar Bahar’s your game, your choice between Pragmatic Play’s Andar Bahar table, and Playtech’s version will come down to which look you prefer really. Both present a very good UI and crisp, smooth video. This one has a little more of a regal feel to it.

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