Live Dealer Andar Bahar

You’ve got to love a game that can pretty much be explained in a couple of lines in the game preview.

So it is with Andar Bahar, launched in live dealer format by Playtech in early 2021.

Ezugi have been operating their Andar Bahar table since 2020.

There are number of casinos that carry both versions, namely:

Andar Bahar from Playtech

First here’s a look at Playtech’s version of live Andar Bahar.

How to play Playtech’s Andar Bahar

A game round begins with main card (or joker) being dealt, shown as the J in the in the below example.


You then have a few seconds to place your bet. Bet options are:

  • Andar or Bahar (the main game).
    Here you are betting on whether a card dealt to Andar or Bahar will first match the main card, or
  • Side bets:
    You have 3 options here which can all be taken irrespective of whether you place an Andar/Bahar bet (more on side bets below).

Cards are then dealt in turn to the Andar and Bahar positions, starting first at Andar until the main card is matched (in value only, suit doesn’t matter), at which point that position wins the bet.

The matching card can come out quickly…


It may take many cards…


The number of cards it takes to produce a match is actually one of the side bets.


The side bets

The three optional side bets are:

  1. Andar on 1st or Bahar on 1st
    Here you are betting on a main card match dealt first up to either position.
  2. First 3
    Here you are betting on the composition of main card and first card to Andar and Bahar positions (ie first 3 cards on the table). Payouts follow poker ranks as follows:
    – Straight Flush pays 120:1
    – Straight pays 8:1
    – Flush pays 5:1
  3. Number of cards it takes to produce match


Payouts applying to the respective bets are clearly marked for all bet positions.

For the main game, Andar win pays 0.9:1. Bahar win pays even money.

The top paying side bet is 41-49 cards needed for a match, at 119:1.

andarbahar payouts

Theoretical returns

Theoretical returns for main game bets are as follows:

  • Andar: 97.85%
  • Bahar: 97%

As per usual, side bets are a poor option with most in the 93% to 94% range. However, in somewhat of a rarity, there is an exception here. The 16-25 cards bet returns 98.1%!

Full house rules

May be read here.


Andar Bahar from Ezugi

Ezugi’s Andar Bahar table has been up and running for some time now, and can be also be played at Leo Vegas.

ezugi andarbahar

The main game is identical to Playtech’s version.

You don’t get running dealer commentary as you do on Playtech’s table (in Hindi), and the UI plays a little  clunkier (the odd freeze frame and deal lag). But you are playing the identical game.

Ezugi’s version offers only the one side bet – how many cards will be dealt, with same brackets and payouts.



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