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Ezugi have a pretty solid range of familiar name table games – roulette, blackjack, baccarat etc.

But where they stand out from the pack is their range of not so familiar games. And when I say not so familiar, I mean to me. Perhaps a better description would be something like, games not so commonly spotted on the floors of Western casinos.

The likes of Andar Bahar, Teeni Patti and Lucky 7 (all of which are in the Ezugi stable) are probably the go-to games of chance for gamblers on the sub-continent. If game look and feel are anything to go by, Indian players are definitely Ezugi’s target market here. That’s a rather large bullseye!

Ok enough waffling.

What is Lucky 7?

We thought Andar Bahar was a very simple game. Compared to Lucky 7, it’s grand master level chess.

In Lucky 7, once bets have closed the dealer deals a single card (from a manually shuffled 8 -deck shoe). The main game gives you three bets options.

  • 7 Up – the card will be above 7
  • 7 down – the card will be below 7 (Ace is low)
  • 7 – the card will be a 7

That’s Lucky 7!

Betting 7 Up…

Lucky7 7up

Getting the 7 Up win which pays even money…

Lucky7 up wins

Betting 7 Down…

Lucky7 7down

Getting the 7 Down win which also pays even money…

Luck 7 down wins

No, I didn’t stick around long enough to wait for a 7 win. With an RTP in the vicinity of 92% for the main game (see below) this would have been a costly wait. Even at €1 a round!

Hitting a 7 pays 10.5 to 1.

Lucky 7 Payouts

All payouts, including for the side bets which don’t warrant further explanation are below.


Lucky 7 house rules

At this point in a normal game review, a link to the complete house rules is provided. In this case, the Lucky 7 welcome page (displayed on game load) covers absolutely everything you need to know.

Lucky7 rules

Lucky 7 theoretical returns:

Simple games usually don’t return well. The conventional wisdom applies to a tee here.

Return to player rates are as follows:

  • Main game: 92.31%
  • Side bets:
    – Red/Black:  95%
    – Odd: 96.92%
    – Even: 92.31%

You can just feel those Rupees dwindling.

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