Live Dealer Dead or Alive Saloon

Dead or Alive Saloon from Evolution is now taking bets.

Real cards. Real dealer. Wild West Saloon set that looks pretty authentic also. All you have to do is pick the first playing card to be drawn.

Dead or Alive Saloon placebets

How to play Dead or Alive Saloon

In essence you’re betting on which playing card (standard 52 card deck) will be drawn, for a default payout of 19:1, or 20x.

Included in the deck are bonus cards. 52 of then actually, making a total deck of 104 cards. The bonus cards (Multipliers, Bounty and Double) serve to increase the payout from the 20x base case. More on these cards below.

Each round, cards are dealt from a freshly (hand shuffled) 104 card deck until the first standard playing card is drawn. This completes the round.

Placing your bets

Dead or Alive Saloon betting

To take part in a game round, simply select which card or cards you wish to bet on. The bet selector lets you pick a single card, or with a single click, selection of:

  • a card number (all suits thereof, chip goes on every suit, total bet = 4x chip selected)
  • a suit (all numbers of that suit, chip goes on every number, total bet = 13x chip selected) or
  • all cards (every card, chip goes on every card, total bet = 52x chip selected)

In the round pictured, it’s a 0.50 chip on 10s and Aces.

Dead or Alive Saloon no more bets

Ace comes out for a $25 (50x bet) payout – an increase on the default payout because a 30x multiplier card had been dealt before the Ace. More on this below.

Dead or Alive Saloon win

Default Payout and Bonus cards

Default payout for all winning playing cards is 20x. So if a playing card is drawn first, winners get 20x their bet.

But this payout is increased by all bonus cards that are drawn before the winning playing card.

Bonus cards in the deck are:

  • 20x multiplier (20)
  • 30x multiplier (19)
  • 50x multiplier (3)
  • 100x multiplier (1)
  • Bounty (6)
  • Double (3)

You’re reminded of this composition each round as it’s clearly printed on the table…

Dead or Alive Saloon multipliers

Multiplier cards

Multiplier card values are added to the 20x base payout. In the above example, a playing card dealt next would win a 190x payout calculated as:

  • default/base 20x +
  • 30x multiplier  +
  • 20x multiplier +
  • 100x multiplier +
  • 20x multiplier =
  • 190x

Bounty cards

If a Bounty card is dealt, a quick Bounty Hunt game launches. Hidden behind each of 3 wanted posters are multiplier amounts (10x to 200x). Your chosen multiplier adds to your payout as a multiplier card would.

Dead or Alive Saloon bounty hunt

Double cards

Should a Double card come out, the entire payout to that point is doubled. Subsequent Multiplier or Bounty cards are not doubled.

Full house rules

Are here

Theoretical return

This is a fun game to play. But with a return to player rate of 97.02%, you will burn cash quicker than (for example) playing roulette.

Dead or Alive Saloon Video

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