Live dealer Hi-Lo from Playtech

Hi-Lo is a very recent addition to Playtech’s live games suite.

Games don’t get much simpler than this. Basically you are guessing whether the next card drawn by the dealer (the result card), is higher, lower or the same (snap) than the card currently displayed on the table (the base card). Ace is highest, 2 is lowest.

If you pick incorrectly, you forfeit your bet stake. If you pick correctly, you win a house calculated payout.

In the screenshot pictured below, the base card is the Queen. The result card will be the 4th card drawn (first 3 are burn cards). The result card then becomes the base card for the next round.

Live Hi-Lo

In addition to the Hi/Lo/Snap bets, you may also bet whether the result card will be:

  • Ace: payout 11.56 x bet amount
  • Ace or King: payout 5.78 x bet amount
  • Black: payout 1.92 x bet amount
  • Red: payout 1.92 x bet amount
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5: payout 2.89 x bet amount
  • 6, 7, 8 or 9: payout 2.89 x bet amount
  • J, Q, K or A: payout 2.89 x bet amount

Snap offers the highest payout at 12.06 times your bet amount.

Payouts for the Hi (HIGHER) or Lo (LOWER) bets are house calculated based on the value of the base card, and displayed against the respective bet options.

Hi-Lo is a game involving no skill whatsoever. Luck is your pilot, co-pilot and crew, and as such you’d expect theoretical returns to be pretty low (a 1.92 times payout on the black or red bets each with 50% probability is a giveaway here).

Indeed the long-term expected return to the player is 96.45% (thanks to Playtech for now publishing return to player rates on their live games).

Below is a recorded video of a couple of rounds of Hi-Lo.

Where you can play Hi-Lo

Bet365 are the first (and at time of writing only) casino to offer Hi-Lo.

No doubt other Playtech powered live casinos will add the game in coming months.

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