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Thread: Questions Regarding Playtech Live Blackjack

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    Quote Originally Posted by LD View Post
    Hi Goooner. Is this hearsay/conjecture or do you have first hand knowledge of this happening?
    If it's first hand knowledge can you tell us which Asian online casinos (platform provider), and how you came to know that this was happening?

    I don't ask these questions to be argumentative. I ask out of genuine interest, and also because in the online gambling world claims of impropriety are numerous. Substantiated claims not so common.

    Only what I am told by colleagues who run live dealer games. I do some work designing games, and sometimes attend the trade shows.

    I have no proof, but taking the cards away from the table is always suspicious.

    There are quite a few allegations out there. for example gives a range of ways to cheat such as:

    your live blackjack dealers dealer could arrange the cards in a high-low order, which is death to all players: you get dealt a Queen, then a Three, you have to hit and get another ten-valued card.
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    Another questions:

    1. The cards for the players are shown before the dealer draws them. How is this possible?
    2. Minbet is 5, maxbet is 50. Some players bet 4, some 150.
    3. There is a player (called "n...") who plays the whole day long. Bets on more seats and often more than 50. Is this automatic play for the casino?
    4. There are many casinos offering playtech live dealer, but there are only the same 4 tables available for all of them. Are there only 28 players worldwide playing the game?


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    Hi bvlgari, these are all pretty easy to explain

    1. As soon as the scanner on table reads the card being drawn from the shoe, the card info is sent to you, and there is a slight internet lag of the live video feed in what you see the dealer doing.

    2. Each casino has different limits for the games, any player who bets outside your limit range is probably playing at a different casino. You can in theory contact your customer support to change your limits.

    3. "Null" is the name given to a player who has not chosen, or been given a nickname. The system and dealers do know they are different players from their user accounts.

    4. Actually there are more than 4 tables. I'm assuming you mean the green tables. The green tables have slightly lower limits. Until recently all the tables were green, then Playtech introduced two types of table - blue or green. Some casinos with lower limits, or perhaps with a smaller financial deal with Playtech only provide the green tables. They actually close tables in less busy times, eg. after 2am Latvian time when there are less players and yet usually there are free seats at tables.

    Some countries do not allow players to join the tables for various reasons - so not strictly players from worldwide. Also, Playtech have another studio in Asia. Besides which ... Playtech is not the only choice available to players eg. see here

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    Hi unclefester (the one from Addams Family? )

    thank you for your fast answer! I have only tried Titancasino (green table) and William Hill (blue table). They use the same tables (Apollo, Atlas, Hercules, Mars) and same betting limits (5-50). So I thought all playtech-casinos use the same tables. Do you know other casinos for theses tables with higer limits? Or other casinos with other tables? Or do I only have to look at the list of bet limits on the main site? Sorry for my questions, you see I am an newbie.

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    Yes Addams Family ... it used to make some dealers smile also - now they run screaming, or move to Little Italy

    Those tables you mention are all green tables yes. When I say green I mean the actual table colour the dealer sits at, not the interface table colour (Will Hill's interface tables are blue).

    All the other blue tables should be available to you at William Hill (Hermes, Poseidon, Pluto, Vulcan, Zeus), and you should be able to choose your bet limits before taking a seat (up to 1250 in my case).

    The reviews on the main site are the best starting point yes.

    It depends on which country you are playing from as to all the casinos available to you. Many people play at bet365 ... they also have one extra dedicated table just for their players at Playtech.
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    Do you mean William Hill Casino Club? Wow, maxbet 1250, what is than the minimum bet? (I wish I could have this necessary bankroll ). Is this common usage that you can ask for personal limits in online casinos? I have never heard about before. Are there special requirements?

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    I mostly play through William Hill's other site.

    I am a member of William Hill Casino Club also. Just checked my betting limits there ... they are the same 2.50-100 or 5-1250. I've only played a few times at Casino Club, ~ less than 1000 in total betted, and I never asked for a higher limit, those are just the standard levels available to me.

    Below are screenshots from the two ways of playing at William Hill Casino Club. In the browser / instant play Flash window you can see the different coloured tables, and the drop down menu where you select table limits.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WHcc.jpg 
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ID:	1187... browser & Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1188... download casino
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    bvlgari, there are much more BJ tables available on the Playtech european floor, though some of them are dedicated for only one CasinoSite, so they are exclusive. Altogether there are 13 BJ tables so far, out of them, dedicated are Bet365 BJ table (read also here), Betfair dedicated BJ table and Gala Casino dedicated BJ table. Also there is Unlimited BJ table, where you are able to play on all 5 seats at once and there can play unlimited count of Players on each seat (even 28 and more). I am not sure on how many tables, but you can also receive the option to play on more than one seat, if only they are not taken already.

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    It is a slighlty more complex situation since the introduction of the blue coloured tables.

    At Betfair they only allow me to play on the green tables (Apollo, Atlas, Hercules, Mars) and the Unlimited BJ table (Pegasus) as discussed by The Dealer.

    Before at Betfair I could also play at Hermes, Poseidon, Vulcan, & Zeus - now they are blue tables I can't play on them !

    & they don't allow me to play on their dedicated BJ table because I haven't played enough with them to be at the correct VIP level

    All tables now seem to allow you to play on more than one seat (multiple seats per player) - except Pluto for me
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    Indeed it seems to be a little bit confusing. My table limits are also in the William Hill Casino Club 5-50 where Unclefester has three limits to choose. And there are dedicated tables for especial VIP levels. Perhaps The Dealer knows more about the different limits and how to be upgraded.


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