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Thread: What does your forum nickname mean?

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    What does your forum nickname mean?

    Hi everyone! I hope you're having a nice day. Recently I noticed that some forum members have quite complicated names and it makes me wonder what they mean?

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    Can't speak for anyone else, but mine is (obviously) an acronym of the site's name.

    Have to say a amoser, this is a curious thing you've come to wonder about
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    Ghost because there is a ghost living in my home.
    888 because it is my lucky number.

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    there is a ghost living in my home.
    Hmm, do ghosts live or reside?

    So a belief in ghosts and that live casino games are rigged.

    Alternatively nah!...and that apparent ghostly apparitions are when another parallel universe briefly synchronises with our own universe allowing some temporary interaction/transference.


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