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Thread: Dealer choosing and peeking at his cards

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    Dealer choosing and peeking at his cards

    Hello all.

    Im new in this site and I was wondering - in general - is there a kind of a live card game against a
    live real dealer in which the dealer can actually choose what to do by peeking at his own cards?

    Thank you


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    Hi Ben, welcome.

    I realise this is not exactly what you meant but had to share,

    Evolution Gaming dealers used to peek at their cards on blackjack when the dealer showed an Ace initial card to check for blackjack. The reason for this being to speed up the game without playing through the round if the dealer was going to win anyway, and to prevent players doubling up/splitting their bets and so losing more against the dealer blackjack.

    There was one dealer who used to sometimes tell players they,
    needed to be really strong
    when she peeked at the cards, ie. in effect she was telling players she had 20 (Ace + 9). It always surprised me how many players at her table never picked up on this tell and would stand on lower hands (below 20).
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