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Thread: 888 live blackjack Sundays

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    888 live blackjack Sundays

    888 are running 'Live casino blackjack Sundays'

    The premise is pretty cool...
    Between 18:00 and 20:00 GMT they're adding bonus cards worth 25/$25/25 to the decks on their 888-dedicated tables. Get dealt one of these cards and the bonus (5x wager terms) is credited to your account.

    The promo pages states "Make Sundays special win up to 500/$500/500!"

    What is a little unclear in the terms (if anyone from 888 drops by pls help clarify) is whether 500/$500/500 is:
    a) the upper limit each player can win in bonus funds; or
    b) the total value of bonus cards inserted and shared by all players.

    Obviously we're hoping the answer is a)


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    Hi everybody,

    Yes our awesome Blackjack promotion is indeed live every Sunday so please be sure to remember the time and play

    To clarify for the forum - it is actually all the cards inserted come up to the bonus win of 500 GBP,Euros or Dollars.
    But don't let this deter you, if you play your cards right you could win it all

    So give it a go, try your luck and lets see you play at our Live Casino

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    geez you'd be be a better chance to win the lottery than get all the bonus cards wouldn't you?

    Thanks for clearing this up however 888

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