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Yep, that's not a typo...Celtic Casino are actually running a promotion with a grand prize of fully paid-for breast augmentation surgery with a 'board certified world-renowned plastic surgeon with years of experience in general, plastic, and microsurgery'.

As I understand it the surgery would take place in Costa Rica where the surgeon and his/her practice is located.

If you win first prize and don't want bigger boobs for yourself (or significant other) then you can opt for €1000 (or currency equivalent) instead.

How to be in the running:
Every €100 deposited and played through at least 5 times between now and July 31st gets you a ticket in the prize draw.

What I'd like to know:
If I win, is the prize definitely transferable? I probably won't want my breasts any bigger than they currently are, although at the risk of being slapped and dumped I'd be happy to gift the prize to my girlfriend.