I wrote a blog post on using a basic strategy card for live blackjack a couple of years back which is now well and truly buried in the blog....so thought it worthwhile adding the card in the forums as well.

Here's the card which is pretty self explanatory.

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  1. Q. What's Basic Strategy?
    A. For every possible blackjack scenario (your cards versus dealer up card) there's a mathematically optimal play (ie hit, stand, double or split) - the basic strategy play.
  2. Q. How does the above card apply?
    A. It tells you want the basic strategy play is for every possible scenario. Follow the card and you're playing basic strategy...EASY!
  3. Q. Does this card apply to all games of blackjack?
    A. No. There are many blackjack rule variations (eg how many decks are being used? can you double after split? etc). A different strategy card will apply to each rule variation.
  4. Q. Which live blackjack games does the above card apply to?
    A. Evolution Gaming, Playtech Euro, Playtech Asia
  5. Q. What about other platforms...do cards exist for these?
    A. Yes...they'll be out there somewhere (Wizard of Odds is always good starting point). Just make sure you match the game rules with the correct card.
  6. Q. If I use the card will I win?
    A. Playing basic strategy doesn't guarantee you a win. In fact it won't even give you an edge over the house. What it will do is minimise the house edge.