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Thread: Trumpy impeachment odds

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    Trumpy impeachment odds

    Donald Trump impeachment speculation is starting to ramp up after his sacking of FBI director James Comey.

    Odds of a Trump impeachment in 2017 have narrowed considerably at most bookies .... now around the 3:1 mark.

    Paddy Power have now also introduced a bunch of lines on what will trigger an impeachment:
    • Treason at 5:1
    • Perjury at 8:1
    • Tax evasion at 9:1
    • Bribery at 20:1
    'coz good old fashioned real random beats simulated random any day

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    IMHO this impeachment topic can be forgotten. I would not be surprised if he is reelected in Noverber of 2020.

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