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Thread: A live blackjack counting opportunity?

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    A live blackjack counting opportunity?

    Came across a casino offering live blackjack with a shuffle policy (as stated in their house rules) as:

    “After a shuffle is completed, all decks will be cut and the yellow cut card will be placed at a depth of approximately 75% of the [6 deck] shoe.”

    The casino is 5dimes and we added their profile here.

    Also played a few games to see just how close to 75% insertion they actually get - couple of video recordings at

    Insertion looked to be closer to around 2/3's of the way in rather than 3/4's, for the limited number of deals witnessed, but still well and truly in the back half of the shoe. An interesting proposition for card counters I would have thought (not that I'm an expert in that area by any means).

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    Hope that review will help me a bit coz I cannot understand some stuff...

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    Thanks a lot to u, LD!

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