Latvia’s live gaming footprint keeps getting bigger

Riga Blonde Girls Parade

According to news hot off the press, Entertasia are partnering with a Latvian based gambling software developer to create games for the Western playing market.

Their new partners, CXTM are based in Riga.  Yes, that’s the same Riga, Latvia where Evolution Gaming have set up their dealer studio, dealing games to players at Unibet,, Expekt, Victor Chandler, Ladbrokes, Blue Square, and so on.  It’s also the same Riga, Latvia where Playtech decided to plonk their European based dealer studio.

Under the deal CXTM will be helping to ‘Westernise’  Entertasia’s games which have to date been targeted largely at Asian player markets.  This will largely involve developing new interface skins – but may also involve recruiting new dealers to fill yet another Riga studio.

Now while the interface skin thing is fact that comes from the company CEO’s in their joint press release, the suggestion that a studio in Riga with Latvian dealers is being planned is pure speculation that has no basis in fact…but it would make plenty of sense.  I mean if you’re going to ‘Westernise’ the product then surely the dealer in the video – a major component of the game, should be Western right?  And if you’re  looking for European dealers, then why not go to the place that seems to be the darling of the real-time-video-streaming industry…Riga, Latvia.   The fact that CXTM is based there just cements the theory.

And judging from the above photo, taken at this years ‘Riga  Blonde Girls Parade’ (organized by the Latvian Blonde Association – this is true, look it up) there is certainly no shortage of qualified dealers to choose from.

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