Visual ballistics and live roulette

What’s visual ballistics?

Before we launch into an analysis of whether visual ballistics can be used playing live roulette, it’s probably worth going over what it actually is.  Like wheel bias analysis and to a some extent dealer signature observations, it’s another of the advantage play methods that look at roulette as game of physics rather than mathematics.  Here, rather than wheel physical imperfections or dealer spin rhythms, what players are trying to do is bet based on the trajectory of the ball after it has been launched.

You know how final bets in roulette aren’t called until the ball is well into its spin?  Well, using visual ballistics, or VB as the experts call it, advantage players reckon they can take into account the velocities of the ball and wheel, and use techniques to mentally compute a likely outcome.

Like the other above mentioned techniques, this one is not without it’s detractors.  But thinking about this scientifically, just like the other techniques, with precision observation and calculation in theory it is certainly possible.  Whether anyone is capable of this in practice is another story.  And I have to say, that while it is a known fact that casinos have and still do go to great lengths to bar blackjack advantage players, I haven’t heard of casinos being at all worried about roulette players – visual ballistics experts included!

Using visual ballistics playing live

If we work on the assumption that there are players out there that can employ visual ballistics methods successfully at terrestrial casinos their ability to apply these same methods playing live online would be severely tested.  I say this for 2 reasons.

First: While live casinos seek to offer as clear a video stream as possible, the clarity of the video will always depend on the players connection speed and viewing medium.  Streams designed to cater for a broad spectrum will not necessarily be so sharp across all mediums.  Streams optimized for a specific spectrum (eg the ‘for TV casinos) will suffer noticeably viewed over the internet.  Implications of slow internet connections on video quality go without saying.

The point of the above is that when you play live roulette, freeze framing and less than sharp vision can be either a very minor/infrequent issue  or a real annoyance and hindrance to clear and smooth viewing, depending on these factors.  While visual ballistics requires quite precise observation and calculation, the opportunity for such is certainly not as good playing online as terrestrially.

Second: The above issue is exacerbated by the fact that the web cam on a typical live roulette begins at a long zoom and then transitions to close zoom during the spin.  A great idea for getting a nice close up view of where the ball comes to rest, but not so great for assessing the spin from a visual ballistics point of view.

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  1. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    VB is a very much real and used today. That includes newer wheels as well. To be honest alot of the newer wheels today are poorly constructed compared to some of the older wheels.With that I mean, yes, manufacturersgo to great lengths to create countermeasures. Low frets, lighter bouncier balls, wheels with less maintenance required etc. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately, the workmanship going into the new wheels are not the same as years gone by. Make no mistake. There are guys that use roulette as atm’s using Advantage techniques. They are the first ones to tell you though that it is better if people believe otherwise. Is it easy? Hell no. It’s very difficult. Especially if a wheel is closer to level than not. Yet, it is very much possible to do.

    • LD
      LD says:

      Great comment Jimmy.
      I don’t doubt that there are guys out there who know how to exploit certain wheels and you touch on what I think is one of the hallmarks of a legitimate advantage technique…”They are the first ones to tell you though that it is better if people believe otherwise” If it works you don’t tell the world and cook the goose that is laying your golden egg!
      Which is why I laugh whenever I see people trying to sell systems. If it’s for sale…IT DON’T WORK

      Just wondering if you have tried to use VB playing live online? Obviously it’s an observation based technique that requires good vision of the wheel and spin. Do you believe live webcasts that you see on the major live casino platforms would provide adequate vision for VB experts (such as yourself?) to do some damage?

  2. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    No mechanical or mathematical system could or would ever work in the long term. That is a fact. So any of these simple systems for sale are all really scams.

    You could buy decent books Like that written by “Lawrence Scott”

    Those are VB based though so that’s why they are good! Heard of some bias & VB players in the United States as well that casinos are weary about. So much so that the airball machines they were targeting had to be altered. (That is the whole range of them)

    You ask if I ever play online. I don’t. Learnt that lessons many, many moons ago. There is just not enough time to make a calculation. No. I only play real brick and mortar casinos and there has to be wheels that are suitable for vb to play. Those are not so difficult to find as your majority of people think.


  3. vplayer
    vplayer says:

    It very possible to win live roulette wheels online.
    Few of us attacked one badly, but later they start calling no more bets much earlier. Now is harder, only RC can do it. Check discussion at roulette place forum.

    • LD
      LD says:

      Hi vplayer

      Can you let us know
      – which casino started calling ‘no more bets’ earlier;
      – how much damage you were able to do before the early calls;
      – What is RC?

      Feel free to post a link to the discussion thread at your forum


  4. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    RC is a roulette computer. There are various sellers on the internet. Really to me it gives no advantage. They still in most cases need a dominant drop and really just does the vb calculation for you ie wheel speed and ball speed BUT it is not so quick. It still needs at least a half a wheel rotation to get wheel speed and better to have full wheel rotation for accuracy. In that one full rotation the ball might do between 7 and 11 revs. Traditional VB wheel speed is measured in a time frame and then the correct otation is waited for. (say 5 revs out) I use like RC, wheel and ball rotations but in my own way and I do it mentally and very quickly. So I can as the RC also do half a wheel rev and x 2 for full rev.

    A mate of mine has one of these rc’s. It works but he is no more accurate than me. Neither do I need a dominant drop (which he needs)


  5. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    What i didn’t mention was the fact that with RC after the wheel clocking you still need say 2-3 ball revs to time ball.


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