Live dealer casino hold’em poker at bet365

You versus the house playing live poker

OK I know what your thinking.  Another bet365 story.

Is owned by them or something?

Well actually no.  We’re no more closely associated with bet365 than any of the other 30 or so live casinos we’ve written about and reviewed throughout the site.  We just write about developments in this industry as they happen, but it so happens that these guys are very progressive in the live dealer space.

This is just another example.  Hot on the heals of the launch of their live dealer dual network they have added a new game to their Euro dealer room suite – casino hold’em.

Real dealers, real playing cards and online poker all wrapped up in one game.  Here you’re playing against the casino rather than other players as you would playing  Texas Holdem in online poker rooms.

The game’s simple enough.  You start with an initial ante bet and get dealt 2 hold cards cards (as you would playing Texas Holdem).  The dealer also gets 2 cards – face down.  A flop is dealt and at this point you can either fold and forfeit your ante, or call.  Your call bet will be 2x your ante.

There’s a bit more to it than the nutshell explanation above, but in essence its a pretty simple game.  A demo clip is set out below which shows me staking an mammoth $1 ante.

Casino Holdem played at bet365

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