This week’s Ladbrokes half time prize draw games

Last week Laddies gave away £17,000 in cash and prizes in their live dealer casino half time prize draw promo, and they’re doing it again this week.

At the half time mark of 8 designated World Cup matches one of their live casino dealers will draw qualifying players names from a hat and those drawn will win as follows…

  • First ticket out of the bowl wins £1,000
  • Second ticket out of the bowl wins £500
  • Third ticket out of the bowl wins £250
  • Fourth ticket out of the bowl wins £150
  • Fifth ticket out of the bowl wins £50

Naturally the draws can be viewed as they happen from within the live casino. One of last week’s draws is recorded below.

To get involved in the draw you’ll need to open an account at Ladbrokes and wager at least £500  between now and the 25th.  You’ll get an email from Ladbokes letting you know your ticket number so you’ll know instantly if you’ve won when the draw takes place.

This week’s prize draw games are…

To visit Labrokes, click here.

Good luck.

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