Dual roulette: when one table’s not enough

If you’re finding that playing just one live roulette table at a time isn’t enough for you then I have a couple of suggestions.

The first, is that you consider visiting the good folk at Gamble Aware, and having a chat to them about your gambling habits. The second, is that you check out Playtech’s new Dual Live Roulette…and perhaps consider halving your per-table bet amounts.

Dual roulette isn’t a new game…it’s simply a new live play option that opens 2 roulette tables of your choosing at the same time and allows you to play them simultaneously.

Once you’ve selected your 2 tables from the live casino lobby, they open together in the one game window.

Then it’s pretty much a roulette feast. The spins are not in sync, so your betting window at each table is different. You also don’t get to chat to the dealer (or see her for that matter, apart from the odd arm reaching over the wheel). I guess Playtech figured betting on 2 tables and holding 2 separate conversations was just a little bit too much multi-tasking for the average roulette playing bloke to handle. Probably a fair assessment.

If the dual roulette action gets a bit too much, you can always go back to (my preference) the good old fashioned single table.

Dual Roulette currently available at BetFred’s live casino .

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