Gambling on the Goat

chinese-year-of-goatFebruary 19 2015 marks the Chinese New Year and according to the Chinese zodiac, from then until February 7 2016 we will be in the Year of the Goat.

There’s a well known story about a man and a goat. You probably know it, but for the benefit of those who don’t it goes something like this.

In a moment of reflection in his twilight years Giuseppe was lamenting his life’s achievements to an old friend.

Giuseppe: “See that beautiful bridge over there?”

Friend: “Yes”

Giuseppe: “I built that bridge. But do you think the townspeople call me Guiseppe the bridge builder?  No.”

Giuseppe: “And do you see the magnificent wall around the village?”

Friend: “Yes”

Giuseppe: “I built that also. But do you think the townspeople call me Guiseppe the protector?  No.”

Giuseppe: “And do you see the biggest boat in the harbour?”

Friend: “I do”

Giuseppe: “I crafted that with my own two hands. But do you think the townspeople call me Guiseppe the boat builder? They do not.”

Giuseppe: “…you fuck one lousy goat.”

An encounter with a goat didn’t help Giuseppe too much. Hopefully the Wood Goat of 2015 will be a little kinder to those playing the live tables during the year!

Will the Goat be auspicious?

The superstitious among you probably want to know whether the Goat is supposed to bring good luck and fortune. Apparently not if you were born in a previous goat year (1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003) because this is your benmingnian or ‘origin life year’. In blunt terms, the Year of the Goat is bad for goats so if that’s you batten down the hatches. Avoid financial risk because it will likely end in tears, reign in your spending and go easy when it comes to gambling.

The rest of us should fair a little better. But to help things along its worth noting what is and isn’t lucky during the Year of the Goat.

Lucky numbers are 2, 7 and derivatives thereof…27, 72. Lucky colors are brown, red and purple. Lucky months are August and November.

Perhaps a few lucky roulette bets on red 7 are in order in August?

Hopefully the year is a good one for you, but whatever does happen, take some solace from the fact that you’re not Giuseppe.


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