New look, bigger private area for 888

888 Live Casino have just unwrapped a new look private table area.

It’s currently covered in all the Christmas trappings, so you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to get a good look at it. By then, it may well have grown (in terms of table numbers) because they now have substantially more square footage to work with, but as yet only the one new table.

The new addition is 888’s very own Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker table.


It joins the 13 private blackjack tables (2 of which are VIP) and 1 roulette table in the new area, some of which are pictured below.






Blackjack VIP


The live lobby highlights the number of exclusive blackjack tables…a number likely to increase in coming months.


No change to their 777 brand table location, look or numbers.

As they grow into their larger 888 space, we’ll keep a track of all table additions in the private live casino areas, and private live blackjack tables forums.

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