Hit the jackpot playing Caribbean Stud Poker

caribbean studEvolution Gaming have introduced a new progressive jackpot side bet on their Caribbean Stud Poker table.

It’s a very simple bet. Hit the JACKPOT side-bet button and you’re in. It’s a fixed value, 1 unit bet (£/$/€…whatever your casino playing currency is set at).

An Ante bet is required to be able to place the jackpot bet.

caribbean stud progressive

The current jackpot value is hard to miss, and will be displayed in your playing currency.

To win the progressive jackpot, all you need is a Royal Flush. If and when a Royal Flush is dealt to the players’ hand, all players who have placed the progressive jackpot bet share its value equally, each being paid out in their playing currency.

There are also some fixed odds payouts for the jackpot side bet (these are not shared):

  • £/$/€2500 for a Straight Flush,
  • £/$/€250 for Four of Kind,
  • £/$/€50 for a Full House,
  • £/$/€25 for a Flush,
  • £/$/€10 for Straight.
  • £/$/€3 for Three of Kind

All other Caribbean Stud Poker rules (Ante/Call, 5+1 side bets and payouts) remain unchanged.

The progressive jackpot will get big

Jackpot side bets contribute to the value of the progressive jackpot. The more players placing this bet, the faster it will grow and larger it will get between occasions when Royal Flushes are dealt.

As a recently introduced feature, not yet available on all Caribbean Stud Poker tables. As it is rolled adopted at more casinos, so the jackpot value will grow. Of course, this also means it i likely to be shared by more players when it goes off, unless you manage to hit it during a quiet time.

Available now

You can make the jackpot side bet at Leo Vegas now.  It won’t take long before plenty of other Evolution casinos offer it as well.


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