Luck of the Irish not needed this weekend


There are very few certainties in life. And the ones we can rely on; death, taxes, losses from long term casino play – they’re all pretty unpleasant.

Here’s one that’s not so unpleasant.

If you get involved in this weekend’s St Patrick’s cash draw promotion, you will be one of the drawn winners. Why? Because they are awarding cash prizes down to 31,750th place! That many players won’t even opt in to the promo!

£100,000 in total is earmarked to be handed out. £1,000 (or currency equivalent) to the draw winner. If you are the 500th drawn ticket you still pocket a handsome £50.

Don’t dilly dally. Hit their Vegas live roulette, or Vegas BJ 4 live blackjack tables and play a round or 2 before the weekend ends and stake your claim in this generous draw.

Along the way you may even feel a bit of that luck of the Irish, as I did with my first spin.



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