On a roll on the VIP limit tables

Diamond VIP live blackjack

Here’s a set of events that I would love to to be able to repeat on a weekly basis; a thoroughly enjoyable and lucrative time spent on Evolution Gaming’s VIP tables.

It all began last week, with a fresh €700 account balance at 888 live casino.

My first tentative bets were on the Platinum VIP live blackjack table (€250 minimum). Not a total disaster, but not a raging success…

I then took the limits down a notch to a lower limit ‘regular’ VIP table (€50 minimum). This also took my account balance down about 600 notches…

A couple days later I decided to get back on the horse and my bravery (or stupidity) was instantly rewarded thanks to Dealer of the week Maryana on the Fortune VIP Blackjack table (€250 minimum).

From there it was on to the place where eagles dare and where dealers are often a little bored and lonely, the Diamond VIP Blackjack table (€1,000 minimums)…and to infinity and beyond!

Well perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but a €4,000 net win in the space of a few of minutes was a complete Buzz Lightyear.

Felt quite invincible at this point, but sensibly decided to cool things down with a smart bet on live baccarat…

where I should have continued rather than choosing to place some large even money roulette bets.

Mr bulletproof & compulsive was whispering into my right ear, “€1,000 on red“. Mr sensible was whispering into my left ear, “close the table and cash-out“.  My right ear must have been a little blocked.

€5,600, €4,600, €3,600, €2,600…

So in the wash-up €700 turned into €3,600. Despite the roulette misadventures, a pretty fine outcome.

Bring on the Salon Privé ‘Super VIP’ tables!

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