Where are all the major live dealer studios located?

Ever wondered where all the major live casino studios are located?

Well, wonder no more because we’ve put together a nice little clickable map pinpointing the location of every major dealer studio world wide. This includes purpose built studios, in addition to traditional casinos which host live streamed tables.

Click a region or country to zoom in. Mouse-over the location stars to read summary details of the studio in question.

Anyone familiar with livedealer.org will know we’ve had a studio locations map on the site for many years. As well as being a little clunky, the old map was Flash powered so not viewable on mobile devices. This one is! So it’s out with the old and in with the new.

If you want to have a better play on the new map, perhaps do so on the studio locations map page as the map there is larger than the above one.

Europe is still the dealer studio hotspot

The map clearly illustrates that Europe is where most of the live dealer studios are located. Amongst this heavy concentration you will also find the biggest studios (by table numbers and floor space) – namely those of Playtech and Evolution Gaming in Latvia.

No surprises here. The EU (including UK for the time being) has lead the charge on regulation and licensing of online casino gambling generally and also live game providers.

It’s already becoming a quite a mature industry. A quick look at the industry timeline reveals Evolution Gaming are already in their 13th year of operation!

Stars appearing in North America

Unquestionably, the region likely to see the most development in the next few years is North America; United States in particular is the market that has providers licking their lips. Atlantic City now hosts multiples studios and a growing list of casinos are signing up to have tables on their floors live streamed to players around the world.

It’ll be interesting to see how many other US states join the New Jersey live dealer party in coming years.


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