Grey Gamblers and Game Shows

Live Game Shows

It’s no wonder we are seeing a considerably investment in soft-gambling games from the likes of Evolution Gaming.

A recent Gambling Commission study has revealed that over 55s, (grey gamblers they call them) across the UK represent the fastest growing online gambling demographic. Much faster than millennials it turns out.

The Commission’s survey for March 2019 found there are 2.2 million grey gamblers regularly logging on to their favourite online game across the UK. For many, that fave game is the National Lottery (the ultimate soft-gambling game). But participation in other categories is also significant and growing fast.

Overall, this represented an 83% participation increase on the same survey back in March 2016. By far the fasted growing age segment.

These results are broadly consistent with the 2018 year end survey results, which showed the 55-64 and 65+ age groups to be the fastest growing since 2015.

Rise of the Grey Gamblers


Grey Gamblers on a tear from 2015 to 2018. Source: Gambling Commission 2018 Participation Survey.

Decline of the PC and Laptop

Another hard to miss finding from recent surveys is the decline of the laptop and PC as the gambling weapon of choice.

The below figures represent device use across all age groups, but grey gamblers are now also more likely to use their mobile or a tablet to play online in preference to the old school PC or laptop.


Mobile and tablets becoming the device of choice

Here come the Game Shows

Unsurprisingly live games providers don’t want to miss out on the rise of the grey gambler, making sure they have the games likely catering to this age group.

Recently Evolution Gambling added a new game category in their live casino lobby – Game Shows. It’s already started filling this up with the likes of MONOPOLY Live, and today’s launch of Deal or No Deal. All playable on mobile devices of course.

Playtech will no doubt add to SpinAWin with new soft games of their own. NetEnt will probably join the party at some point too.

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