Enhanced Payout American Roulette (live dealer)

5Dimes new live roulette games

It’s not often you’ll hear the words American Roulette and enhanced payouts used in the same sentence.

It’s even less often you hear the words American Roulette and enhanced returns spoken together (and not in jest).

Simple reason being, payouts for bets on an American Roulette table are identical to payouts for corresponding bets on a single zero table…

Bet Payout
European (0)
American (0,00)
Straight up (1 number) 35:1 35:1
Split (2 Numbers) 17:1 17:1
Street (3 Numbers) 11:1 11:1
Corner (4 Numbers) 8:1 8:1
Six line (6 Numbers) 5:1 5:1
Any 12 Number Combination 2:1 2:1
Any 18 Number Combination 1:1 1:1
Red / Black / Odd / Even 1:1 1:1

Factor in that double zero on the American table, and therefore 38 possible outcomes rather than 37,  and this translates to lower returns for all bets. Much lower.

The house edge for any bet on an American Roulette table is 5.26% except for the ‘First five’ bet (0,00,1,2,3) where  it’s 7.89% (not applicable a single zero table so not shown in above table). By comparison, house edge for any bet on a single zero table is 2.70%.

This is why as a general rule, American Roulette should be avoided, and also why a couple of recent developments at 5Dimes Casino are to be welcomed.

5Dimes adds single zero roulette

Bravo. They’ve ditched their American Roulette game and introduced a single zero table. Same platform (ViG), same dealers, same (or similar) techno music blaring in the background…just a superior roulette option for players.

5Dimes adds single zero live roulette

But, as the bloke in the infomercial says…that’s not all

Enhanced Payout American Roulette

They’ve added another roulette game. This one’s new. Not just  to 5Dimes, but casino gambling generally!

It’s an American Roulette table and wheel with zero and double zero, but payouts on all bets have been upped so that (in 5Dimes words),

the payout is even higher than Single Zero Roulette!” 

I suspect by ‘payout’ they mean ‘return’. That is to say they’re claiming that with the enhanced payouts, this becomes a better returning (or lower house edge) game than single zero roulette. This is tested later but first a couple of pics of the new game.

Enhanced Return American Roulette

When you click the ‘How to Play’ button you’re presented with the enhanced payouts.


Below is an example of a winning bet on BLACK.  Bet amount $5. Payout $10.30, as it should be (1.06 x $5 + $5)

Enhanced Payout American Roulette

House edge test

Remembering the house edge on single zero roulette bets is 2.70% lets test how ‘Enhanced Payout American Roulette’ compares.

The calculations are pretty simple.

House Edge is equal to 100 minus Return to Player rate (RTP).

RTP is equal to payout (+1 for initial stake) multiplied by win probability.

Win probability is calculated as number of numbers in bet divided by 38.

Taking the straight up bet as an example:

Win probability is 1/38 = 2.63%

RTP = (36.08 + 1) x 2.63%
=  97.58%

House Edge = 2.42%

Here are the rest.

Bet Enhanced Payouts
American Roulette
House Edge
Straight up (1 number) 36.08x 2.63% 2.42%
Split (2 Numbers) 17.54x 5.26% 2.42%
Street (3 Numbers) 11.36x 7.89% 2.42%
Corner (4 Numbers) 8.27x 10.52% 2.42%
First five (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) 6.4x 13.16% 2.63%
Six line (6 Numbers) 5.18x 15.79% 2.42%
Any 12 Number Combination 2.09x 31.57% 2.42%
Any 18 Number Combination 1.06x 47.37% 2.42%
Red / Black / Odd / Even 1.06x 47.37% 2.42%

Well what do you know!

Looks like Enhanced Payout American Roulette does indeed offer better value than plain old single zero roulette. Lower house edge, higher return to player…however you want to express it the key thing is the casino is likely to take less of your hard earned! (for every of $1 of your hard earned bet that is).

Nice one 5Dimes!


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