Welcome to the new Macau

The fortunes of the real Macau continue to tumble.  November’s casino revenue figure was the worst since September 2010 and the slide is tipped to continue.

William Hill will be hoping their new Macau live casino will be trending differently over coming months/years.

The launch of Macau live was on Fester’s radar around the time designers were being briefed to start looking for golden dragon wall furnishings, but thought it worth an additional mention here.


With a roulette (immersive lite ) table, 3 blackjack tables and of course a baccarat table, the area offers a nice look and feel change up to their royal blue, main private area.

Players buying into the power of lucky number 8 will be happy to know that the blackjack tables are numbered BJ8, BJ18 and BJ28, and as you can see from the above pic, there is no shortage of auspicious symbology. Hope it works for you!


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  1. Unclefester
    Unclefester says:

    Almost incomprehensible the number of private tables at William Hill (combined with access to Evolution generic tables). Easy to overlook the odd table in the overall scheme of things …. there’s a third Macau blackjack table numbered BJ18.

    • LD
      LD says:

      I vaguely recall being told (over a year ago) something like, if Evolution Gaming were a traditional casino rather than a live studio it would be the largest (by table numbers) in Europe.

      William Hill’s dedicated area on its own would now rank as one of Europe’s bigger casinos on this basis


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