The biggest live table cash leaderboard tourney of 2017

With just a month to go until we close out 2017, I think it’s safe to say this will be the biggest cash prize leaderboard tourney held by a live casino this year.

There are 2 amazing things about this tournament, called Live Casino Mayhem:

  1. Sheer size.
    €500,000 cash is up for grabs; awarded to the top point earners over a week’s live table play.
  2. It’s not being held at William Hill

Betsson, (or rather Betsson group casinos) have out-muscled all and sundry to hold the tourney of the year.


It’s a double banger. Two leaderboards running concurrently. One on their exclusive blackjack tables, the other on their exclusive roulette table (Betsson Group exclusive tables). Each is worth a whopping €250,000, with €150,000 to the winner. Each pays out to 200 players.

All cash with no wagering requirements.

You can play either. You can play both.

Yes, it’s possible one player can win €300,000 cash. Happy Christmas indeed!

Neither leaderboard is a straight turnover race (ie 1 point per € wagered). Details on how to rack up points and other terms of Betsson’s €500,000 cash leaderboard are here.

The race stared today. It ends midnight (CET) Sunday 10th, so don’t waste too much time deciding whether you want to have a crack.

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