Shared exclusive live dealer tables

If you’ve spent any time in live casinos, particularly the bigger brand operators, then you’d be pretty familiar with the concept of private or exclusive live tables and table areas.

These tables offer a look and feel that is unique to the operator and typically include a liberal smattering of casino branding just so you don’t forget where you’re playing. But it’s not just about a different look.

These are the tables you want to head to if you’re looking for some extra giveaways…promos, tourneys, extra bonus offers, cash cards shuffled into decks and the like. And crucially, these are (for blackjack) the tables where you are a much better chance to get a seat during busy times (getting a seat at low limit all-access live blackjack tables can be tough).

During 2017 we were introduced to a new twist on the private/exclusive live table; the shared exclusive live table.

Shared and exclusive? Sounds like an oxymoron right. Let me explain with an example.

Not too long ago Paddy Power had a bunch of private tables covered in Paddy Power branding and available only to players logged in a Paddy’s. So too did  Betfair. Then, some time after the merger into Paddy Power Betfair some bright spark decided that rather than having 2 separate sets of branded tables, why not join forces with the one, bigger table area.

Shared by both Paddy Power and Betfair (and their respective players) and yet exclusive to the Paddy power Betfair group.

The group can still have a little fun with the look and feel of their tables, but operator specific branding is gone (otherwise a player logged in at Paddy Power may be wondering why he is playing table with Betfair’s logo on it).

There are a few of these tables around, and I reckon where going to see a whole lot more. They’re borne of mergers and acquisitions, and we just keep on seeing more and more of these.

The golden girls on the live tables in the Paddy Power Betfair exclusive area inside Playtech’s Riga Studio…

paddy power betfair

The Clubhouse is accessible by players at GVC Group casinos like Bwin and PartyCasino.
As the GVC Group expands so may the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse

Big Group (Betsson, Betsafe, Casino Euro…), big Betsson Group shared exclusive area

Betsson Group private tables

Unibet still have a very large private area of their own, but this is now supplemented with Kindred Group tables,
shared with the likes Stan James and recent acquisition 32Red

Kindred group tables

Having a little fun on Kindred’s blackjack table…

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