Now who has the best looking exclusive table area

If you haven’t logged into your favourite live casino for over a year, you will probably find that most of the tables within look a lot different today. Particularly the private/exclusive casino branded tables.

2017 was a big year for new, expanded, migrated or simply updated exclusive live casino table areas. There has also been the introduction of shared exclusive areas…a development that has taken hold in the studios of both Evolution Gaming and Playtech.

Bottom line; lots of look and feel change.

The pics contained in the old, whose got the best looking private room thread first posted back in 2012 are mostly outdated.

For the visually inclined, a new (and overdue) thread has been added in the forums with galleries of the new look private table areas.

Best looking exclusive table areas

As to which casino now has the best looking private room (as opposed to the biggest)…you be the judge.
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