Soho and Atheneum Triumph in Romania

Playtech’s Bucharest, Romania dealer studio first started streaming live table action in early 2017. After a relatively short life, the original tables were then replaced earlier this year. New look, new playing interface, new names and a beefed up range of blackjack tables to choose from.

Now instead of a single PTR Blackjack table, players have 5 Soho Blackjack tables (as well as Transylvania Blackjack table) to choose from. PTR Roulette was replaced by Triumph Roulette and the new Casio Hold’em table now goes by the name Atheneum Casino Hold’em.

Most Playtech live casinos are now carrying these tables, giving players an alternative to the Riga studio tables (or Manilla studio for dual platform casinos). Here’s a quick look at them.

One of 5 Soho Blackjack tables: minimalist playing interface meets maximalist studio design. Still early days, but at this stage tables don’t seem to be super busy…making for nice fast deal rounds.

Soho blackjack

Triumph Roulette: Playtech’s new roulette user interface, with the option of playing European Roulette or French Roulette and with dealers given some license to chat in Romanian or English…depending on player choice.

Triumph Roulette (Romanian studio)

Atheneum Casino Hold’em Poker: this table recently became Playtech’s first live poker table playable on mobile, curiously beating their Riga based poker table to the punch (the Riga table is still a PC only affair).


Some video action from Romania

One of the Soho Blackjack tables…

Triumph Roulette…

Atheneum Casino Hold’em Poker

Where to play these tables

As mentioned above, these tables are now pretty widely adopted (although still seem pretty quiet…the blackjack tables in particular).

If you want to give them a go, take your pick from any of the below casinos…

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