Well Hello Mr Holiday

Here’s a green shoot of normality in live casino land.

A promotion with a grand prize of…wait for it, a holiday. An actual, real life trip abroad. Flights, suitcases, hotels, an exotic, fun destination far, far away from where you are now.

It’s on now at Mr Green.

You can check the full details here. But in simple terms, play on their live tables this month puts you in the draw to win cash or a holiday worth cool €20.000.

There was a time, seemingly millennia ago now, that VIP holidays were raffled almost monthly for live casino players.

Vegas was the casinos’ grand prize destination of choice. But a quick scan through the live casino tournament archives, reminds us that players have also be sent to the likes of Monte Carlo, Macau, the Maldives, New York, Moscow for the Football World Cup final, Australia’s Gold Coast, and Hawaii.

Dream holiday giveaways went missing for obvious reasons this year.

But this offer from Mr Green is a welcome early reminder of the way things used to be. The way they will be once again in 2021 hopefully.


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