Unibet’s new Pragmatic Play exclusive room

Pragmatic Play announced their exclusive room deal with Unibet back in March.

It’s now up and running. Looks pretty slick too.

Inside you’ll find a European roulette tables and 4 blackjack tables. The blackjack tables offer different limit ranges, from a low(ish) €10 minimum to higher €50 minimums. This bucks the trend of a lot of the Evolution or Playtech exclusive rooms that are used by casinos to offer lower limits than the generic tables.

Limits aside, the area and tables within look good and play nicely. With strong branding throughout, it is unambiguously part of the Unibet stable of live games.

Pragmatic/Unibet exclusive roulette

The roulette table comes with all the trappings you’d expect from a proficient provider these days. Multi-camera capture, high definition video and a very user friendly interface.

You’re given a nice wide bet range on this table. $0.50 gets you in the game. High rollers can bet in the $000’s per spin.

As you can see from above, I certainly wasn’t playing the high roller category!

Pragmatic/Unibet exclusive blackjack

At the moment you get to pick from Blackjack tables A, B, or D. As mentioned above, all offering different limits.

Table A is the low limit table. Nice and empty for me on this visit but will probably be hard to find a seat on once things crank up.

Like Pragmatic’s generic tables, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were playing an Evolution table.

Buttons and call to actions (eg ‘Deal Now’) are all very similar.

And the similarity is only exacerbated by the fact that, out of necessity, Unibet brand colours are used.

A lot of black with fluorescent green accents.

Pragmatic have also gone with the grey table and dealers in black. To be fair, this could have been part of the Unibet brief, if uniformity is what they were looking for.

All this makes for an eerily similar playing experience to Unibet’s exclusive Evolution tables, one of which is shown below.

Unibet live blackjack

And yes, the blackjack house rules are identical also!

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