Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Just what we needed! Another big money wheel game.

Pragmatic Play have just launched Sweet Bonanza Candyland. It’s only at a couple of casinos presently. Both claiming it as an exclusive ironically.

In case you weren’t happy mindlessly losing cash on their Mega Wheel game you now have another option. Of course you could also try one of the six big wheels offered by Evolution and Playtech, shown on the live game show page.

I think it’s six. Lost count (and interest) in this category some time ago to be honest. But clearly the punters haven’t, as the live game providers they keep rolling them out! So punters, please, stop.

After a thorough 5 minute examination of Sweet Bonanza Candyland and all its intricacies, I can confirm:

  • yes, there is an over enthusiastic presenter (not always looking like or dressed like the promo pic),
  • yes, there are wheel segments to bet on, with the number dictating the payout, that is:
    1 pays even money
    2 pays 2x
    5 pays 5x
    10 pays 10x
  • yes, multipliers are in play – triggered by the Sugar Bomb segment,
  • yes, there are bonus games – you get to play these if you have a bet on Candy Drop or Sweet Spins when the wheel comes to rest on these segments.

Of course the dominant segment on the wheel is 1, followed in succession by higher numbers. My handful of spins yielded all 1s and 2s.

There are a couple of Candy Drops and Sugar Bombs and just the single Sweet Spin segment.

Probably worth mentioning how the Sugar Bomb multiplier works. Say you have a bet on ‘2’ and the wheel lands on the Sugar Bomb segment. A random multiplier of between 2x and 10x is generated, your bet remains active and the wheel is spun again. If the wheel lands on ‘2’ the multiplier applies.

If successive Sugar Bombs are hit, the multipliers keep multiplying up to a maximum possible payout of 20,000x. Good luck seeing one of these!

Sweet Bonanza Candyland. It’s a great name. It’s an average game (unless big wheels are your thing).


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