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Thread: Blackjack Party table

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    Hmm..She dont think that its also not professional to discuss her colleagues?

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    Hmmm.... the William Hill dealer was only saying what every player sees at the table and many comment on.

    eg. typical player chat in previous table pic...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So all the touching is a thorny issue among the (Party/Immersive) dealers also then
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    Evolution have got round to announcing the Party table in a press release.

    Richard Hadida, Evolution’s Chief Innovation Officer said...

    Blackjack Party differs in that it is a low-stakes, mass-market game with a party atmosphere, music and bubbly chat from a TV-presentation-trained duo of dealer and presenter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s1dor View Post
    ...One is players and the other is dealers. So people who are managing this project need to understand both of them
    Quote Originally Posted by s1dor View Post
    Not only a huge cut-out dress and a sparkling smile.
    ...they have to entertain people and not forget about sitting next to him another dealer. Especially in pairs of boy and girl, where girl attract more attention, which greatly complicates the work of both.

    A dealer once told me "it was ALL about the money".

    That she had "no problem" telling all the studio lies (about not being married, getting their tips, etc.) and was willing to do whatever they asked except getting undressed for the players.

    So I would say the Party dealers (& partners) will just have to accept the money and put on a good performance.

    There's more reading about naked dealers and thoughts regarding the Blackjack Party table in November's & December's 2014 blogs.

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    The Party table is the first of Evolution's blackjack tables to switch to the new high definition UI.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's no secret I don't like the Blackjack Party table ..... so I can't say from when exactly, not a table I visit daily!

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    The Blackjack Party table is now playable on mobile (iPad) devices.

    Currently available at William Hill, Genting & Leo Vegas.

    Given that the table is usually full of seated players and the (current) lack of the Bet Behind feature on mobile you may well ask what's the point of having the table on mobile....well it seems Bet Behind is set for rollout on mobile at Evolution casinos.

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    Evolution have changed the backdrop and table surface for Blackjack Party,

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I still much prefer the Leo Vegas private Party table though with less male dealer & female presenter pairings/flirting/whatever.

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    Thought I was seeing double at the generic Party table,

    Click image for larger version. 

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    2 female dealers/game presenters call them what you like at the table.

    That's what some of us wanted to see instead of all the male/female touchy flirting antics etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by s1dor View Post
    For sure it's really interesting concept of game managing, but as i know, they've started with 2 girls on 1 table. And I think it would be much better than it is now. That confusing moment when you'r barely touching each other and it looks like your a couple. It makes discomfort for both of the dealers.

    Just a shame they were wearing the same studio green dress....better before when they wore their own clothing.


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