Our take on roulette systems

Do a search on Google for ‘roulette system’ and you’ll find around a  million sites out there selling a supposed sure fired guaranteed roulette system that will, according to the salesperson, have the casinos begging for mercy.

There seem to be more systems devised for the game of roulette than all other casino games combined, which is interesting.  I say it’s interesting because it has been proven time and time again through the application of sound and irrefutable mathematics, that a game of roulette in which no wheel bias (or known section spinning) exists, has a clear house edge on each spin, and each spin is an independent event.

Sure you can get lucky and win.  But a system is something that is supposed to give the user a long term house edge.   And unfortunately such a thing does not exist in the game of roulette.

The Martingale, The Fibonaci, La Bouchere, D’Alembert, The Barbi, The Double Zero Barbi, The Power System, The Money Maker, Roulette Assault…they come with all sorts of impressive names and attached claims.  Generally you will find them advertised for sale on websites that start something like this…

“Tired of losing cash playing roulette? Tired of bogus roulette systems and software packages? Beginning to think roulette is rigged and impossible to beat?

Well look no further because we’ve got the only system guaranteed to let you beat the casino playing roulette.

[insert many testimonials from extremely happy system users]

For the one off price of only $49.95 this system could be be yours…

Whenever I come across another one of these sites I can’t help but think that if the system being sold really did work, why is this person spending so much time and effort trying to sell it, when they could be at the casino using it to rake in fists full of cash?  The answer of course, is that the any money raised from the sales is going to be more than the system will ever make employed against the roulette wheel.

I don’t want to rain on the parade here.  But if you’re going to gamble, as I do, it’s best always to deal with cold calculated reality rather than fallacy.  And here’s the reality.  You can win playing roulette.  But given every bet has a small house edge attached, winning consistently over a long term, even for the luckiest of gamblers is unlikely.  And no system is going to change this.

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